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Education has undergone tremendous changes from yester years till today. Throughout history and present day, meaning and methods of education have changed and are changing continuously. And it seems that this journey of education will continue till eternity.

Till few years back, education was confined to mere classrooms and schools. Learning started and ended with the school hours. The blackboard was the window to outside world and the vast knowledge and the teachers were the only source to this knowledge.

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Soft computing can give you apparently more efficient results than the hard computing.

About This Project

QuietMe has been developed for executives who wants to control sound of their phone automatically. It changes the mode of the phone depending on Calendar, Location and even it allows user to mute/ring their phone for defined intervals. User can put his phone with minimal number of taps. He can avoid disturbance at prime time like Meetings or Movie time.

QuietMe supports most of the versions and screens of Phones. It takes design as per dimension of phone.
QuietMe is developed for executives to control sound of their phone automatically.
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