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Cloud Services
Metaphor "cloud" is being widely used in current scenario instead of internet. Cloud Computing relies as a model of delivering IT services intended to retrieve resources from internet using web based application and tools. It eliminated the complex process of retrieving information from personal devices or local servers. Through cloud computing servers, applications and storage related services are delivered to the desired organizations devices directly from the internet. Users are no longer required to store their information in any specific place.

Facilitating and transiting the advertisements on behalf of our commercial clients, Twiddle TV has enabled multipurpose functioning of LED device. Twiddle TV itself has originated as a brand featuring promotional contents, displaying ads, updating local, national, sports and other entertainment news and videos. It is a medium of promoting out of home advertising that are displayed through digital signage. In past few years, Twiddle TV tapped the market in Jaipur, Bangalore and Delhi.

With the prominence of techno fraternity, the world of advertisement has undergone major innovation. Let's just roll our feet back to some hundred years ago where the advertising campaign is known only for printing snap chat. Roaming in different arroyos, Egyptians were the first to use papyrus for their sales messages, and then China brought the new fads of poetry to sell their candies. This was not the end. The new dawn in the world of advertisement was about to come.

Advertising has reached new heights; its world is no more limited to newspapers, radio and television and it is now becoming independent of these media sources. As the world is progressing, the ways and methods of advertising and marketing have also attained pinnacles. Brands are deriving new and innovative modes to promote and publicize themselves. Twiddle TV is the new face of advertising industry. It is a version of digital advertising which is a hot trend in the advertising industry.

Globalization coupled with technological advancement in the field of Internet has dramatically transformed the mainstream education sector. A pristine education nomenclature has upsurge owing to the above stated facets. It is rightly known as "The Era of Virtual Classrooms". The prodigious amounts of investment in the technology have resulted in the evolution of the Virtual classrooms that proffers plain sailing knowledge sharing.

Technology today has grown tremendously and has permeated all areas of our lives. The Internet is becoming an increasingly vital tool in our information society. More and more people are going online to conduct day-to-day activities such as education, business transactions, personal correspondence, research and information-gathering, and job searches.


As soon as you've setup a Linux instance on Amazon EC2 its obvious to get FTP acess in your next step so that you can transfer files

First of all make sure port 22 is open in your instance's Security Group in Amazon's AWS site ( . You can test by connecting with your Public DNS (e.g. ) like this from a Terminal using the following command:

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