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Advertising has reached new heights; its world is no more limited to newspapers, radio and television and it is now becoming independent of these media sources. As the world is progressing, the ways and methods of advertising and marketing have also attained pinnacles. Brands are deriving new and innovative modes to promote and publicize themselves. Twiddle TV is the new face of advertising industry. It is a version of digital advertising which is a hot trend in the advertising industry.

Globalization coupled with technological advancement in the field of Internet has dramatically transformed the mainstream education sector. A pristine education nomenclature has upsurge owing to the above stated facets. It is rightly known as "The Era of Virtual Classrooms". The prodigious amounts of investment in the technology have resulted in the evolution of the Virtual classrooms that proffers plain sailing knowledge sharing.

Education has undergone tremendous changes from yester years till today. Throughout history and present day, meaning and methods of education have changed and are changing continuously. And it seems that this journey of education will continue till eternity.

Till few years back, education was confined to mere classrooms and schools. Learning started and ended with the school hours. The blackboard was the window to outside world and the vast knowledge and the teachers were the only source to this knowledge.

Technology today has grown tremendously and has permeated all areas of our lives. The Internet is becoming an increasingly vital tool in our information society. More and more people are going online to conduct day-to-day activities such as education, business transactions, personal correspondence, research and information-gathering, and job searches.

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In education system there is an incredible information dissemination gap between teachers, students & parents, which is only limited to PTMs (Parents Teachers Meeting). We believe to fulfill that gap and build relationship between various stakeholders and to facilitate the educational system information sharing by our application EduChat.

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The Tattle App is Personalized chating app for private community. This app is designed by Geek Shastra to private chat users. FEATURES : → Sign-up using your country code and mobile number → Password security → View Friends list → Settings (chat display settings, reset password, logout) → Create a private/group chat → Participate in Private Chat → Participate in Group Chat → View list of all active chats with chat history (private chats and group chats) → Allow users to edit their profile (set their own status (short text message)) → Rich visibility settings for contacts and groups
The Tattle App is Personalized chating app for private community.

After the successful unveiling of the ambitious make in India campaign by prime minster Mr. Modi in vigyan bhawan, Delhi", economics and politics of the country can be visualized as working hand in hand.

To compliment the rhetoric, the idea of inviting the CEO's of the organizations, so as to make the plan work in practical and not just on papers have increased the aspirations of Indian industrialists and business people.

A wide range of smart phones exists in the market. But when we go to select one according to our choice and budget, it becomes really confusing. Financial factors, operating system and features generally affect the decision. Both Android and iOS products are the voice of the market. Android, by Google is the world’s most popular platform and can be used by various phone developers whereas iOS is the platform used by the Apple Manufacturers.

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Soft computing can give you apparently more efficient results than the hard computing.
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