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Java Development

Java has been proved a reliable technology delivering stability, security, and scalability for the clients’ web applications and the core technology for Android-based mobile applications.

The stable, seamless operations of Java technology proved that it is the ultimate language for enterprise to tiny applications. The write once, run anywhere keyword makes Java roar against other technologies. Now, nothing is impossible with Java.

Our professional Java web developers and Java mobile application development specialists know the challenge and provide the apps that both meet the customers’ needs and demands and meet the top-notch industry standards. Java do not care where it runs, whether it is high end server, a small palm top, a mobile or inside a refrigerator. You can write software on one platform and run it on virtually any other platform. This is possible through the java runtime environment which understands the byte code of Java.

Java code is the simpler technology to develop and maintain due to its well written format and easily identifiable blocks. Reusability is another hungry filling aspect of Java. Clients, service providers and developers save time and effort and they need not to reinvent the wheel every time. Developers feel Java as the beautiful language ever identified.

Geek Shastra offers full-cycle Java development services, building reliable, scalable and secure applications that meet an organization’s full requirements and expectations. A complete suite of Geek Shastra’s Java development services helps deliver on a customer’s most complex and exacting business and technological scopes. Geek Shastra cares about our client’s investments in development projects and offers the most flexible and adaptive engagement models for complete transparent service-level agreements.

Our Java based services include

  • Java Application Programming
  • Java Website Development
  • JSP and Java Integration
  • Java Applet Development
  • Java Web Services Development
  • Java Product Development
  • JSP Servlets Maintenance and Support Service

Geek Shastra’s team of Java developers has good experience and knowledge in Java application development. Geek Shastra’s rich expertise in different technologies has been generated in the course of delivering many Java applications for our clients in different parts of the world.

Technologies/Methodologies we have gained expertise and proven track record are as below

  • JDK and J2EE
  • Java Swing
  • Java Server Pages
  • XML Parse
  • Eclipse, Netbeans
  • Java Struts, JSF
  • Enterprise Java Beans
  • MySQL, Oracle
  • Apache Tomcat

Our Process

Our business and technical analysts will understand your requirements minutely. Deep thought process is given in this stage to come up with the exact requirements and new ideas to be implemented in the application design.

Programmers will immediately start to analyze and design the application to keep our understanding of requirement consistent with you.

In this stage, we will study the application scope and its integration with your business procedures. Led by the project manager, the development team will start application development.

Our in hous testine team will ensure that the application is bug free in all the scenarios. We will support you to market your app and extend our software service support for lifetime.