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About This Project

Bright New Ideas is a grassroots 501(c)3 non-profit organization improving health and education in the developing world through the use of combination solar-LED solutions. We replace dangerous, kerosene lanterns with solar lamps using sustainable, subsidized commercial means. Bright New Ideas has partnerships with organizations around the world to bring light to those who are most in need under a sustainable social entrepreneurship model.

When they decided to focus on the web, they approached us to create a website for them that should match their standard of an International NGO inclusive of their quirkiness with a easy-to-use interface to manage it in long run.

We worked on the project right from creating basic building block of portal and then we decided to make it our some CMS (Content Management System)  then finally we started with on WordPress  with an aesthetic vision for the portal to implementing a responsive (screen-size scalable) design and the front-end engineering.

For its Landing Page we have created an amazing Flash  to express their objective to respective visitor in a better way.

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