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Advertising has reached new heights; its world is no more limited to newspapers, radio and television and it is now becoming independent of these media sources. As the world is progressing, the ways and methods of advertising and marketing have also attained pinnacles. Brands are deriving new and innovative modes to promote and publicize themselves. Twiddle TV is the new face of advertising industry. It is a version of digital advertising which is a hot trend in the advertising industry.

Twiddle TV is the ‘next gen’ advertising technique which offers the advertisers a creative way to promote their brand. Twiddle TV can get hold of wide range of audience at one go as it delivers information in digital signage. LCD and LED screens easily captivate the attention of public and thus digital advertising is becoming popular day by day. Twiddle TV is particularly designed keeping in mind the present situations of mankind. People today rarely have time to sit and watch TV or listen to radio leisurely. ‘Time’ is something which has become a most expensive commodity and nobody has it nowadays. So, there was a need for the advertising industry to devise new ways to spread their market and ensure their reach to each and every individual.

Twiddle TV serves this purpose of the advertising industry as it can be used in transit as well as standby locations. This way it doesn’t even demand extra time from the audience as they can watch the commercials while they are traveling from work to home or vice versa.

An idea which inspired the creators of twiddle TV was ‘Entertaining your Travel’. They were very much successful in producing perfect replica of their idea. A technology empowered LED screen which can display ads, promotional content, show real time updates of local and national news, sports, etc. along with many value added content for daily passengers in transit and visitors; this is what Twiddle TV is. In-spite of being the most advanced media tool, it is very cost effective; thereby adding stars to its profile.

Twiddle TV has also launched its mobile application facilitating the customers, althemore. Apart from being a medium of advertising, Twiddle TV mobile application also provides information about routes of the bus, real time updates about bus locations and many more of such facilities.

The thirst of GeekShastra Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has not quenched yet. They created one product in the twiddle TV range called the twiddle TV box. It is a synonym of DTH set top box, it can be installed at the places where LCD or LED screens are already installed. It can be installed prominently at malls, hotels, cafes, metro stations, bus stands, railway stations, etc. This product is more customized as each box can display different data which is unique for every box. This data displaying is controlled by data center and it also can be controlled by the screen owner; they can modify and update the data any time of the day accordingly, depending on their needs.

The concept of twiddle TV has been designed by GeekShastra Technologies Pvt. Ltd. It is a software developing company established under the steering of Technology Innovation & Incubation Centre, Govt. of India. This company has made its distinct identity and stands out because it is established by a young group of creative and energetic entrepreneurs hailing from Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management (ABV-IIITM). Twiddle TV is a fruit of such young minds that have experience of working in renowned Multinational Companies such as JP Morgan, Samsung and many more which makes this product more interesting and it has become ‘talk of the town.’

Twiddle TV can be rightly called as “Emerging Penchant of Advertisement" because it is entirely different from the traditional advertising tools. As it is designed by today’s ‘techno-tonic generation’, the product is unbeatable when considered from the technology point of view. Twiddle TV is GPS enabled because of which it can display variety of ads based on the real time proximity of the products and services. It uses a variety of mediums such as video, text, animation, and audio to deliver the ads. Apart from GPS, it imbibes two more features called Passenger Information System (PIS) and Passenger Entertainment System (PES). These features provide real time information about the bus stops, its route, running status and its location making it user friendly. It also bears the burden of entertaining passengers by providing them with live news, sports updates such as cricket scores, etc.

Twiddle TV thus has created for itself a unique position in the digital advertising industry and its scope and popularity are touching new horizons day by day.