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Metaphor "cloud" is being widely used in current scenario instead of internet. Cloud Computing relies as a model of delivering IT services intended to retrieve resources from internet using web based application and tools. It eliminated the complex process of retrieving information from personal devices or local servers. Through cloud computing servers, applications and storage related services are delivered to the desired organizations devices directly from the internet. Users are no longer required to store their information in any specific place. Cloud structure enabled companies to reduce the expenses incurred in information management. Additionally cloud computing advanced the software upgradation. Companies prefer developing their own cloud computing technologies to ensure safety. Characteristics such as on demand service, broad network access, resources pooling, rapid elasticity and measured services makes cloud computing appealing in modern era. Technologies of cloud computing has already crossed its infancy stage and companies have started realizing its benefit and started implementing in their businesses. Prediction by tech community suggests that over one third digital content will be stored and featured through cloud computing by 2016.

Digital marketing landscape is more apparent now due to cloud computing existence. In marketing context it's easy for any person to approach digital marketers. Cloud data centre's helps the company to step into new direction as cloud provides the ease to interact with targeted customers. Data accessibility and transmission to the recipients is regarded as major convenience factor. Indeed, cloud computing is the future of digital media marketing. Digital marketing does not require infrastructural set up rather it needs only internet ready device along with full fledged creative information that is ought to be shared with customers.

Cloud computing alignment with digital marketing is the primary strategy used by the start-ups entrepreneur. As it allows elimination of manual installation and promotes the updated release by vendors, it becomes easy for the marketers to communicate broad group of customer's at a time. The market dominators of cloud computing are expectedly big brands such as IBM, Google, Microsoft and Amazon that concentrates on hybrid cloud option. Cloud allows the organization to combine data stream &services through digitization of basic usage models. In contrast, companies accessing cloud computing mostly lease their digital assets. Defined as mainstay cloud computing justifies its usages for the technology companies. Digital companies have been recognized as the potential competitors in the cloud environment. Line managers avail cloud services by contracting digital marketing agencies as their digital partners. The ripple effects of cloud are demonstrated in the form of rival's i.e. digital companies. Decisions related to infrastructure highly depend on the application which runs it and anyone altering the app layer is considered as the competitor. An indirect competition lies between the digital marketing agencies and IT solution providers and it seems difficult to be addressed. Moreover, digital companies are approaching the same clients acting as rivals to each other intended to concentrate on different workload. At this part IT companies are playing as a major actor of the picture by hosting the agencies with tailored programs. At present, skepticism and uncertainty are revolving around cloud especially the expertise and technical professionals, therefore rather depending on IT professionals the top level management should smartly decide the rational decision regarding putting step in cloud computing era. Facilitating collaboration till date is considered as the greatest success achieved by the cloud group and communities. However, it has a far way to go ahead in global context by improving critical aspects addressed by the market experts.