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Companies' technical performance in Education sector
Gone are the days when teachers used to teach students on a class board and textbooks and throw all the ideas to students which they dint used to enjoy. In today’s times, technology has gone a long way and so the ideal thing to do is to clinch the changing winds of technology and adapt to it. According to Gartner vice president and distinguished analyst Jan-Martin Lowendahl, traditional educational business models are being vitally challenged by digitalization. Number of technical innovations and technology trends are appearing from within the industry, but many of them will emerge outside the industry, driven by digital business and industrialization. Education system now should carry an extensive approach and allow technologies from outside the education sector. Using technical devices like Tablet, PC, Laptop etc does give students and teachers an exciting and new way to study and adapt to new things but handling the class and imparting education to students through these electronic devices is still new and big task for them.
Education system in today's world has become modernized and technological that is all the thing works in an organized and systematic manner. Modernized education is appearing out to be the foremost form of education and one such example of this is smart class. Smart class is an advanced mode of education making education much convenient, faster and advantageous. Students these days are taught knowledge or education in an advanced and technical manner; they are made to learn things in a well planned way in order to thieve. Technologies play an important role in improving people's state of mind. It has affected professional as well as personal lives. For instance, Introduction of Radix 'streamlines computer and Tablet classroom management software in India for schools or students, facilitating teachers to control and monitor student activates and. has been a radical change in the teaching and learning process.

One of the popular technical device that now is been used by the teachers a professors in schools and universities is the all I one interactive HD LED. This LED permits users or teachers to channel the real world into the classroom, video conference, training room etc. All in One LED runs on Infrared Technology and can be used with Finger touch or the stylus. It offers many useful teaching tools which are used to simplify the teaching process. These technical devices introduced to reduce the pace work and makes things easier for the teachers as well as students.
Use of these technologies is not just constrained to classrooms but teachers are using social networking sites and emails to connect with their students and parents. The teachers now assign works through emails. Groups are created on facebook, hangouts to keep students updated about the school activities and class activities. Likewise students upload their work, articles, and interesting videos on emails or group pages and share it with everyone around. Students now prefer giving power point presentation while teachers make most use of LED or video clipping explaining lengthy or tough lessons. The technical innovations and technology trends have changed the teaching and learning process totally. The study these days is more through screens, students are always interested in learning new technologies and if it is used to impart education, it will augment the understanding of the lessons and concepts easily and quick. A report from Global Industry Analysts (GIA) predicts that the global e-learning market will reach $107 billion in 2015, propelled by technological advancements and demand for additional skills.
Looking at the needs of the technical devices used for the schools and universities, there are many companies who are now emerging and developing new apps such as LED display, digital screen and projectors, writing boards and digital classrooms to reduce the work pressure among the teachers as well as students. It is with the help IT companies now that it has become easy to give audio- visual education. It has also made it easy to study as well as teach in clusters or groups. We can unite together to do the assigned work with online.
There are few companies which are involved in smart education and e- learning that are likely to help the education sector during the foremost period are:
Educomp Solutions
Cisco Systems
Smart Technologies etc.