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Companies' technical performance in Education sector

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Metaphor "cloud" is being widely used in current scenario instead of internet. Cloud Computing relies as a model of delivering IT services intended to retrieve resources from internet using web based application and tools. It eliminated the complex process of retrieving information from personal devices or local servers. Through cloud computing servers, applications and storage related services are delivered to the desired organizations devices directly from the internet. Users are no longer required to store their information in any specific place.

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Revivig Brand

Facilitating and transiting the advertisements on behalf of our commercial clients, Twiddle TV has enabled multipurpose functioning of LED device. Twiddle TV itself has originated as a brand featuring promotional contents, displaying ads, updating local, national, sports and other entertainment news and videos. It is a medium of promoting out of home advertising that are displayed through digital signage. In past few years, Twiddle TV tapped the market in Jaipur, Bangalore and Delhi.

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